“Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad"appears to materialize out of thin air.

There is a proverb in Sanskrit-however which does not

“That distortion of the intellect precedes a catastrophe.”

Which ever you choose there is one aspect of everyone’s lives today that is distorting

your minds to madness - EMFs

His Brain Called It Fun, but His Body Called It Poison

He was so passionate and presumptive about it - until his health spiraled downward. The guy was vexed by fatigue, tinnitus, noise sensitivity and sleep disruption. Then he came to this transformative realization. And chances are sky high that you're making these same mistakes.





Art reflects the ages - Picasso and Braque 'predicted' WW1 & 2 with cubism. Bacon - thalidomide and GMOs



Sites to bring color into your world framed by the words of Socrates and Plato


Fight depression by finding your beach, not by booking a holiday, go 'within.'

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZr__Cq3v6Y&t=2s Nearly 10,000 hits

There is a powerful relationship between the gut and brain. You can learn all about how to remedy mental health challenges by healing your gut first

Then contact info.pyramidpress@gmail.com for a free intoduction on how to go WITHIN


Before exploring the universe, and destroying another planet, Mankind must ban all space travel until it knows how to clean up its own mess it has created on the Earth; in every way, including the plastics in the oceans and the land that Monsanto is destroying with its chemicals and GMOs.

Tell NASA to get off its ego couch

THE ONLY PLACE YOU must explplor is WITHIN

Also remember Troy and the wooden horse when you let so called ex-terrorists back into your countries.


The GMO gun is at the root of why the food is UNSAFE, because until you have been 'genetically engineered' your immune

system does not now how to read the jumbled DNA. So if the gun has shot a chemical into a plant

so that (a so called bugs) gut explodes, so will yours. This is not primarily about bigger bank accounts but of

the complete take over of the earth. This would then be followed by what happened to Mars. -Hermes...PS They are COLD

ruthless and after millions of years of genetically engineering themselves ---LOVELESS.


The above is what I call the sanity site -Hermes

Also include Dr, Edward Group 111

and Gunne Lovelace


Food for thought -For the next 2,200 years everyone born on the planet will live in the Aquarius ‘air’ sign. Which started to take form when the first balloons were created in the 18th century.

Pisces was a ‘water’ sign. Those that ‘controlled’ you made much of Christ walking on WATER and the FISH sign.

 As you are well aware the ‘air’ sign is well established for the next 2.000 years and you carry it around in your pocket! The last air sign was about 10,000 years ago. Control of the masses took place then. This time will be via the sacred cow of the internet. Take care you filter the milk she provides or you could become hypnotized by the same ‘air’ people who held POWER 10,000 years ago.  In 2000 years the earth sign will take over. -Hermes




"Abortion? It has come back into focus in America recently. I think I must help you all to realize that once you have created a child, irrespective of its size, you cannot kill it. You may abort it in the womb, but it is collected in spirit and brought up as if it was on earth. There may be certain karma cords created by this choice but please do not make a stressful issue of it. If you do you will regret doing so. Better to send it love which will be like breast milk to the child and spirit helper. Perhaps one of the more damaging aberrations for ALL souls today is PROCRASTINATION. It is rife on all parts of the planet and creating soul damage so severe that even love finds it almost impossible to survive this toxic spray." -Hermes


On this planet, EVERYONE lives in an energy of opposites. SO if there is an OUTER you then there has to be an INNER you.

The inner you has to be fed just as much as the outer you. To feed the outer can be very expensive but to feed the inner it is free. To use drugs to feed the inner invariably leads to depression or death of both the outer and inner. Most drug users even if the outer doesn't die the inner will be commandeered by 'negative forms.'

To keep the INNER you alive and bursting with biodynamic life you must learn to breathe as you did when you first came out of your mother's womb -into your tummy. Then visit... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZr__Cq3v6Y&t=2s and Tina will guide you on how to enter heaven every day.

Make sure you visit your inner beach before you get up and if the sun is not shining over your sea, clear away the clouds with your right hand. YOU WILL NEVER GET DEPRESSED IF YOUR SUN IS always shining.

If you would like a plant to help you find YOUR sun, check out St John's Wort

The following is the most important news on the planet...



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