One of a pair."Kundalini Ascension" 1 6ft x 4ft.

"Kundalini Ascension" 2

"Kundalini Ascension" 3

"Kundalini Ascension" 4

I love the new series of 'Kundalini Ascension' paintings !

They are definitely worlds that would draw you in and take you to other places !

After only the briefest of time I can see a return to the 'celebration of life' in the original painting that now hangs in my dining room. I can also 'see' likeness to the print of 'healing batteries' that hangs above my bed. But these are so much more - these seem like larger more infinite worlds without boundaries, they show to me a carefree freedom which is something which very few people ever have in their life.
I must make time to return to these worlds / landscapes sometime soon - it can only be therapeutic !
I have noticed the scale of this world in the size of this image - to maintain the detail at this size is fantastic !

John Lindsay. Troon Scotland. May 2011.

"Kundalini Ascension" 5


"You make me fly to another dimension!..."
Alberto D'Assumpcao