It was the above guy Ron Atkin, that guided Ann to have

her kundalini which made it possible for...

Dr David Weeks, a world renowned author, broadcaster and film maker wrote after meeting Ann and seeing one of her paintings:

"This artist is England's 21st century answer to Monet, and is undoubtedly a painter of creative genius"



One of a pair."Kundalini Ascension" 1 6ft x 4ft.

"Kundalini Ascension" 2

"Kundalini Ascension" 3

"Kundalini Ascension" 4

I love the new series of 'Kundalini Ascension' paintings !

They are definitely worlds that would draw you in and take you to other places !

After only the briefest of time I can see a return to the 'celebration of life' in the original painting that now hangs in my dining room. I can also 'see' likeness to the print of 'healing batteries' that hangs above my bed. But these are so much more - these seem like larger more infinite worlds without boundaries, they show to me a carefree freedom which is something which very few people ever have in their life.
I must make time to return to these worlds / landscapes sometime soon - it can only be therapeutic !
I have noticed the scale of this world in the size of this image - to maintain the detail at this size is fantastic !

John Lindsay. Troon Scotland. May 2011.

"Kundalini Ascension" 5


"You make me fly to another dimension!..."
Alberto D'Assumpcao



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"The revelation that you can walk on the sea and feed the five thousand as Christ did in the Bible, would be so liberating from the mass religious thoughts which implied that only Christ could walk on water and feed the five thousand. This meditation allows you to do it, and it releases you from these bindings and into a higher sphere." -RjjA ...Possibly the worlds best

kundalini/meditation guide

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