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Extract from my book 'THE BOTANY BAY OF THE MILKY WAY'

How my shepherds crook became part of my life


NO Drugs involved whatsoever!

Visions in The Night


"Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions;" Acts of the Apostles.

"If thine eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light" the optic nerve starts from this "eye single." In Greek it means "The Light of The World."

            The Kabbala informs us: "Therefore it is called the open eye, the excellent eye, the eye of Providence, the eye which sleepeth not, neither slumbereth, the eye which is the guardian of all things, the eye which is the subsistence of all things."

This true account was published by Macmillan in Hope Price's book 'Angels'


Large slab stone with writing in line going downwards on it. I
remembered the word Carmen immediately afterwards. Saw two eagle
type birds with bodies like pillars side by side.
Soldiers, many soldiers marching.
Soldiers in the snow with a woman in long black clothes by some marble
cross or similar monument. Then very high buildings, rooftops and spires
of these high buildings.
February 1968
RA said, "can you see white sparks?" Once told there they were!
Then I saw the green, like a green vapor moving about, mainly in the sky.
December 1971
Saw a wheel with spokes radiating out from centre. Between the dark
spokes the most brilliant colours nearest a mother of pearl.
Saturday 10th May 1968  We have someone coming to visit us for about
seven or eight days, who we believe had chosen the black path. We will
call her "D" for dark. Over many years and many small incidents, we had
become "on guard" and prepared to expect negativity in all its guises.
One almost tragic incidence occurred, which may have been purely
coincidental, was when my mother had observed "D" looking at my
brother–in-laws car intently for a considerable time. That evening he was
driving my sister, his wife, in this car and it ended up wrapped around a
lamppost. Neither of them drink. Whether you believe or disbelieve, I
have set the scene for what was to follow.
On the 10th May, with "D" in our spare attic room, we experienced a
restless feeling in our bedroom and Cia sees white sparks flowing across
the room, sweeping in waves. She does not tell me.
Sunday 11th May, I also see white sparks flowing across the room. I tell
Cia who confirms she had seen the same on the previous night. I then see
a group of arrow like shapes returning to the attic room above and to the
left of us, followed by a "GASP" from "D" who was bumping about in the
room from 10pm to 2pm.
I put a white light of protection around each of the house the car and us.
I am unable to cover the spare room roof, dark hole left! At the same
time Cia puts a covering band around and across each of us. I see on the
road outside, with the third eye, pointing up at the black hole of the spare
room, a devil like man in black with a very pointed hat, like a spike
coming out of his forehead. I concentrated and said "All is good" and he
dissolved except for his hat, which turned into a dart. At the time Cia was
putting her protection band around me I see the black dart approaching
us. Then a white bird catches the dart in its beak and dissolves it. Cia
sees paper bird like darts going outward across the room. Saw one
hooked drill returning back.
Monday 12th May 1968
RA has a bath about 6pm. A thunderstorm builds up with heavy rain
beating on the bathroom window next to the bath. Massive flash of
lightning illuminates the room and the impression he gets is that the
lightning impregnated the water, because a smell of burning began to
radiate up from the water.
Tuesday 13th May, Cia wakes up at 2.30am and says to RA who was
asleep but dreaming "are you alright". RA wakes up immediately;
straight away the thought came that he had to answer yes even though the
dream was very disturbing. Dream = being followed. Both awake hear
bumping in spare room; torch on first then later the electric light.
RA begins to shake from the neck downwards, sees thick rods coming
down and a lion's face. Continual shaking and a feeling of an evil thing
inside. The rods gave strength; hums a carol, shouted ‘get out’ over and
over again. In between shouting, smiling quite happy. Eyes staring ahead
when shouting. Unknown to RA, Cia sees a grey 3ft. long snake slide
out of RA side; did not tell him until next day.
Angel - like shepherds surround the bed on all sides. The shepherds on
the western side of the bed were repelling a force of snake like objects,
which made them sway a little. RA thanks shepherds for their help,
one comes forward and he holds its hand. Then in the sky as if from a
higher dimension, Christ appears with a crook, which he gives to RA
to hold in his left hand. The feeling of peace this gives is beyond words.
After five minutes of holding it, he hands it back to Christ who kisses it
and telepathically says, "you are to keep this always."

The Crook

The following 3 weeks his left hand was full of energy like vibrations day
and night. Cia hears tinkling of bells, RA hears nothing. Cia says
there is one larger bell and many small. RA then looks at the
shepherds and sees there is a cow on left and sheep also. Then he also
hears the bells tinkling. All this time the shepherds were warding off the
Cia sees both sides of a gravestone with four lines of writing on each
side, going to tell RA but didn't. At this time RA sees shepherds
put their hands on Cia's head to stop her talking. RA sees black
coffin, carried by about 6 black bearers, come from the west, sweep up to
the shepherds and sheer off. Black top hats, tall. Cia sees the word
A lessening of tension from the snakes bumping against the shepherds. A
slightly different scene - landscape with slight wind, blossom and
marvelous peace. Still the shepherds and sheep below, in the opposite
corner a twisted form being carried by about 6 dark guides with muted
halos. RA happy and sad, laughing and crying at the same time. .
Drawn to the shepherds particularly their foreheads - peace.
Beckoned to Christ and handed a curled up bundle - a small lamb. Scene
changes, still with lamb walking in the Middle Eastern village with many
people there in long clothes, beards, fierce rushing towards RA.
Very dusty.RA carrying the crook with lamb walking beside. Space
always clears as he walks forward. Comes to a well, the lamb drinks.
The time was now about 7am. We got up and Cia wrote everything
down in a diary. I had to go to keep an appointment to see an antique
table on the outskirts of Rye at 9am. As I drove to see it was as if the
traveller and I were passing through an orchard of blossom on a higher
Two weeks after receiving the crook from Christ, a physical crook was
brought into the shop by a local house clearance man called 'Chippy'
Jordan. Having bought many things in the past from him and not knowing
anything about the Night of Visions - he gave it to me! For which I shall
be eternally grateful. For the past 58 years it has stayed by my bedside
while I continue everyday to carry the Christ one on a higher vibration in
my left hand.
Three days after the Night of Visions, a friend Audrey Davis very kindly took Cia
and myself to see her friend in Essex, who you have
as it were already met. She is a brilliant trance medium. I personally
needed a few points clarified. This she did and spoke about the essential
part, which I will relate here. It was that in this incarnation I would guide
one named person "Through" and others. Others going through, means
guiding them to higher levels of consciousness. See chapter 14 for a few
written accounts of this.
The higher souls can rise in consciousness the closer they come to the
words in Revelation chapter 3 : 12.
To go no more out simply means they will not have to reincarnate again
unless they choose to return to help others on the earth. The journey to this
point of no return is not easy and can be dangerous in your present soul
evolution. A guide is essential but only as a guide. Success if it is to be

success, is due entirely to their own inner qualities which they have distilled
over many lifetimes.
For those who fear the dark, be it absence of light or black magic,
whatever your faith
'ask for help,' it will come to give you the strength you
need to overcome whatever appears at first to be insurmountable. The
Night of Visions, I think you will agree is an excellent example of how dark
was used and transformed into light. That is why the last journey, like the
first in Genesis, is to do solely with opposites and how two has to return to
one. This time however, they are fused together in consciousness, which is
only achievable on planet Earth.
Whatever your religion the goal is the same-to become whole, that is
why certain religions call their leaders, your holiness, assuming that they
have become, or are whole. Like many 'leaders' throughout history, and
many walks of life, you may be expecting more than you are getting.

The Crook in my left hand - as in the above ' Visions in The Night'

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it" -  Joseph Goebbels

This crook was sent by the Divine to finally neutralize the evil lies of the swastika which in 2020 commenced marching in to every country in the world, instantly creating FEAR. These virus jackboots soon attracted the descendants of the architects who designed Auschwitz. 6,772,000 Jews have now been given a vaccine number on their arm. Goebbels, or descendants, has without a whiff of gas or a bullet, got that country swasticated!


Psalm 23 replaced in virus submerged world


The FEAR virus & FEAR vaccine 666 Diktat.

The lie is my Shepherd;
I shall not need anything else.
It maketh me lie through every orifice I possess;
It restoreth my faith in all evil.

It seeketh me in paths of greed.
Yea, through the valley of sleeping halfwits;
I will become top-dog, controlling all who stand in my way.
I will fear no truth-seeking people:
For thou lucifer art with me day and night.

The reverse swastika will enhance my A.I.
On the table in the presence of fear-duped billions.
Thou anointest me with oil from vaccinated not gassed Jews,
and my panzer's never fired a shot.

And I shall live in your liar's house
satisfying you, my Fuhrer;
Forever creating fear, viruses,
and chipped multiple vaccines forever.

Then the truth awakener returns with 888
and extinguishes Lucifer's fire of lies.
And restores the true Shepherd's crook
that radiates health through biodynamic food

filled with the light of the divine for eternity.





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Will this picture and crook remove the FEAR deliberately created over the past 2 years by a wealthy megalomaniac with a Napoleon complex?


Before Van Gogh went into an asylum he had a vision of the Chinese created pandemic we are locked into above.

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