Portrait of a woman on an inner journey

An Inner journey by a GP in the NHS
Just went up to Mars with Pegasus.
I went into the cave and parts of it were on fire, as was the now rod of light snake. Didn't take much to remove the fire - it was surface fire and I brushed it off with my hand.
Greeted Pegasus, grabbed my staff and asked him that I wanted to go to Mars.
Went up into space and then voom, we passed through this field of purple into this most incredibly beautiful place - white marble floors were the natural surface of the ground, the sky was purple. It was a highly technologically advanced place, but with technologically that blended into nature.
Anyway, this female flies [yes flies] up to me - she has a form, but not a solid form. She comes over and greets pegasus and I. Her name is Laya. She takes me by the hand to meet 'the others'.
I enter the main part of the city and no one seems to notice me. My body is now of this purple hue, the same as Layas. There's this guy waiting for me, whose name I recognise at MTOK, who is white [ as in the colour white] and dressed in a white gown. He walks with a staff and looks very very old. Anyway, he just looks at me,and Laya takes me away in a hurry - she's very excited to have a new friend it seems. She shows me the red meteor shower that turns up every evening. 'No one else seems to be interested in it' she says, 'but I come here every night to see it. I really like it'. I try to touch her hand and she backs off. She tells me that young people are not allowed to touch 'like that', because they must first learn to preserve their vital fluids. She then mentions how they are reminded of the example of planet Earth.
She takes me to the middle of this city, where's there's a huge gaping hole staring right into space -I'm totally scared, but she's not frightened at all. She jumps down whilst grabbing my hand and we are immersed in this stream of blue and purple 'water' -this is what your people call 'black matter' she says - it's very much alive.
We can only go so far as the surface of the planet prevents them going any further. From there, we can see planet Earth. It also has a purple sky, but we cannot see it because of [she points] the red aura just underneath it. 'Your people are killing the spirit of planet Earth' she tells me. She is very much alive, like you are. She has a soul, but you humans beings don't seem to care. She looks at Earth almost longingly, but fearing the consequence of going there, but she doesn't tell me her thoughts.  
Anyway, we go back up to the city and this time, she before she formally introduces me to MTOK, she answers my questions. There is no 'government' as such in this place. There is only MTOK who educates everyone in the ways of the world. She seems confused by my lack of trust, my paranoia regarding giving one man such power. I almost insist that you can't give one man such power to which she replies, 'MTOK has been looking after us for hundreds of years, and we have managed to fuse technology and nature into a paradise. Your governments have done nothing but destroy your planet'.
MTOK is actually a very nice man. 'Sit down my son', he says, 'let me take a look at you'. He somehow pulls out my painful emotions from my body and they all have this disgusting red smoky aura around them - I can see all my memories right in front of my eyes. My heart in real life tingles. 'I can't remove them for you', he says to me, 'but I can make them easier for you to transmute'. He does something and the red aura is transformed into white, before he reinserts the memories back into my soul. Again, my heart in real life has a tingling feeling to it, almost as if my heart centre was pulsating.
Now you must go, he says. He's not being harsh, but he doesn't seem to bother whether I am there or not. Very very detached. I get a little upset about this, and he insists. Laya looks on as if she knew I was going to have to leave that soon. I start to cry as I get towards Pegasus, 'I don't want to leave Pegasus, I don't want to leave'.
Pegasus brings me back to to the beach, I thank everyone for their help and support, and return to my seat.
Upon opening my eyes, I [for some reason] break down into tears. I then feel a glow in my heart centre and feel a lot lot better. MTOK seems to have done a good job, and all this time, here am still wondering whether or not it was my imagination.

Dr. John .............
FY1 Doctor
Barts and The London NHS Trust


When I opened the Intermediate Exam envelope in the middle of the 1950s

at the Loughborough College of Art I was more than surprised to see what

they were asking for-" A Barbers Shop."

The reason being I had never been inside a barbers shop - my father had always

cut my hair since I was knee high to a grasshopper!

The time was about 10 am. I spent the next couple of hours making a few

compositional lines on paper. Then at lunch time I ran down to Baxter Gate

in the town. There I found a barbers shop, I popped my head in the door and

literally took a snap shot of what I saw - using only my MIND.

Then ran back.

The result is above.

It became the best Intermediate painting from all the art Colleges in the UK.







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