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as you struggle to exist on THE BOTANY BAY OF THE MILKY WAY

My name is Tina Davis, and I have edited 7 of Ron Atkin’s books on Amazon.

One book I have not edited is ‘The Botany Bay of The Milky Way.’ It was published privately 25 years ago as a limited edition of 35 copies. The son of the founders of The Dartington Hall in South Devon -William Elmhirst and Heather his wife financed its printing.

The main reason I have not edited it is it is a a kind of biography of the artist Ron Atkin written by his friend William W.Green. No in spirit. Green in his turn transcribed most of the A4 book from a Greek couple called 'Serapis and Dodona.' So though most people and publishers included, would say some of the spelling / grammar are not 'spot on English' it is better to leave it in its 'original Green/Serapis/Dodona form.

I am including one page from it on this site as I believe the ‘truth’ it contains would enrich our ‘sleepwalking’ society.


"You as individuals who have through involution fallen into the 21stcentury, reflect your surroundings, and enact your mental programming. Your lives are full of complexities, like the car, you are becoming difficult to repair without vast sums of money being spent on you. The mental programming has sown a wasteland of arrogance that is slowly choking to death the few remaining ‘dreamtime people.’You are practicing ethnic cleansing while fooling yourselves that you are civilized.

The wholesale eradication of the North American Indian has given you the confidence to complete the slaughter of the Maori, the Aborigine and now your final inverted pleasure is to eradicate the natives in the rain forests. Darwin has so much to answer for in writing his ‘Origin of Species.’ You have even more however, for taking it so literally. You chastised Hitler’s concept of creating a master race, yet you are just as guilty. On a larger scale, you the ‘Master Race’–‘the evolved’ - from an animal, consider that anyone or anything that doesn’t have a religion that fits the matrix of your making, must be evil and so destroyed. If the native through fear succumbs to your missionary, then you tolerate his existence, otherwise they, like the monkey, ape and experimental animal fodder, are expendable.

A simple way of describing how the Gods worked is to use the screen of a personal computer. Imagine you have a very real and solid picture of the earth on the top of your screen. Below you have an empty space. Now using all of your skills, draw the shape of your ideal human form in this space. Being only an outline it has no real ‘life.’ Stage one was however, very important indeed, because you have from your own essence created mankind in your own image. The following is a quote from the book ‘The Kabbalah and its Symbolism’ by Gershom Scholem. This quote returns us to the groups vital helpers in creating anything, Jung and Steiner’s guardians of the unconscious , the gnome or hobbit. “But let us get back to the soul, it is maintained, surprisingly enough, in traditions from the second century, that Genesis 1:24: ‘Let the earth bring forth living soul,’ refers to the spirit (ruah) of the first Adam, which accordingly is not a pneuma blown into him, but an earth-spirit, a vital potency dwelling in the earth.”J.R.R.Tolkien was translating this ‘earth-spirit’ into visual form to quicken your creative imaginations in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit.’

The next step is as the group did, to bless it, or as it says in Genesis 1: 28 ‘And God blessed them.’From the Anglo Saxon – to bloedsian, to cover with blood. Without this blessing or blood your man would have no electrical spirit of energy, and as a consequence you would not be able to ‘earth’ this electrical flow. He would float about your screen, as an idea, but with no substance. In other chapters we will enlarge upon the other contents and clothing of your man in more detail.

Now we come to the exciting part, putting your man onto your earth, with a few deft moves on the keyboard you are able to incarnate him on to the green planet. At this time you have to calculate his size in relationship to the size of your sphere. From then on the world is literally ‘your oyster.’

Perhaps part of your plans would be to give him a mate, and like the group she would be again created in your image.

In the groups time scale they made a mate who would have a new kind of awareness, not full consciousness, but they would be aware when they came together to reproduce, using Sacred Energy X-change, they would, experience what you call a climax in every part of their form. The head in particular was, if you like the epicentre of it, here they could see and communicate with the soul waiting to be born. No soul was allowed 'through' unless they had the right vibration colours at the time of climax. The twelve were now certain they had everything as near perfect as was possible on a physical planet.

The natural outcome of this hardening produced involutionary ‘falls.’ One complete involutional cycle occurs when the Eve/-Adam division is recorded in the Bible as the rib being taken out of Adam, a symbol for intuition, and the planet earth, it’s moon. Hindu secret writings say, “God took the rib out of the female to make the male.”Interestingly, the first six to eight weeks of a pregnancy, the embryo is female; thereafter it is called a foetus. Is this another ‘truth’……………………….." Serapis/Dodona

I pray you will find ALL of my 20 sites and discover you have been CONDED about almost everything

as you struggle to exist on THE BOTANY BAY OF THE MILKY WAY

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