Yellow House Waterfall Wood

This 30" x 22" Watercolour has been in the collection of

Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery,since February 1976




Self portrait


The dream 2019

From Surreal Landscapes

To Surreal Abstracts


An epiphany (from the ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphaneia, "manifestation, striking appearance") is an experience of sudden and striking realization. 

In the “Philebus of Plato” (originally titled "Plato's Examination of Pleasure") Socrates says: 

“I will try to speak of the beauty of shapes, and I do not mean, as most people would suppose, the shapes of living figures, or their imitations in painting, but I mean straight lines and curves and the shapes made from them, by the lathe ruler or square. They are not beautiful for a particular reason or purpose, as other things are, but are eternally, and by their very nature, beautiful, and give a pleasure of their own quite free of the itch of their desire; and in their way colours can give a similar pleasure."

The Loyal Astronomer -----SOLD





See ..........4 why I have been painting the anima and animus 4 fifty years

If Paintings are sold -Prints are available


Philosophy and reincarnation- the rabbit in the hat


The tools of philosophy -private collection

The struggle for the anima/animus and nations to unite in the 21st century




The struggle with reincarnation



Looking for an identity



Turner with his Royal Academy Schools attendance signature. Probably the greatest artist ever. Then a portrait near the end of his GREAT career. Is he still looking for the UNITY of his anima and animus via a kundalini?



Religion from the Latin -'to bind'. Title of pic animus and anima. More pics on Pinterest


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