Glyphosate Kills Plants The Amazon and You!

Featured in first and second edition of Dictionary of British Art volume V1,20th century Painters and Sculptors, 1990-Present by Frances Spalding

and Judith Collins, the Curator in the Modern Collection at the Tate Gallery.

Also in Dictionary of Artists in Britain since 1945 by David Buckman 1998

I have been painting for nearly 70 years and since I was nine when I won a certificate for reporting exceptionally well a lecture about food...

observing the way mankind has trashed the planet and his food chain.

Picture of PAN from Twitter. Note he looks like a plant sprayed with GLYPHOSATE to AWAKEN you to what SOYA has done

to your SHIKIMATE gut pathway. This is where the virus started 30 years ago in the USA...listen to the awakener and survive.


Monsanto for the past 30 years has experimented on 300 million US citizens. Results: unless you are Trump's daughter and can afford to buy organic, you may have a compromised immune system. The majority of people have been forced to eat glyphosate food and drink a cocktail of pesticides and glyphosate water.

As the Guardian brilliantly explains SOYA is not only destroying the Amazon rainforest, I believe

the vast quantities of soya impregnated with glyphosate is destroying

your good gut bacteria -result immune system unable to fight this nightmare virus.

This extract confirms my 30 years observations -

"US Cases have doubled in 2 days, and The New York Times reports that the Coronavirus is behaving differently in the United States compared to other countries, with 38% of those requiring hospitalization being between ages 20 and 54. In New Jersey the virus ravaged 7 members of a single family, killing 3, with the 4 others hospitalized, 3 in critical condition.

Clearly, this is no ordinary flu, and is much more aggressive... and in the US, it's affecting a much wider age range.

Fact is, if your immune system can’t fight off the infection, it quickly turns to pneumonia and is often fatal as we are already seeing."

Glyphosate was created by Monsanto as an herbicide. In the 1970s farmers in the US began using it for weed control. Scientists want us to believe that glyphosate cannot harm you because it was designed to destroy the EPSPS enzyme which is part of the shikimate pathway, which is found in plants. When a plant is exposed to glyphosate it shrivels up and dies. Monsanto scientists insist that because humans and animals don’t have a shikimate pathway it is safe to use on crops that we eat. However, what the scientists fail to mention is that the good bacteria in our stomachs that keep us and our immune systems healthy, actually in fact, have a shikimate pathway. Without this 2-3 pounds of good bacteria in our bodies, we would die. This good bacteria helps break down the proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates in our diet into nutrients that can be absorbed. This bacterial, or probiotics, also help produce beneficial compounds like vitamins and anti-inflammatories that our genomes could not produce. Numerous studies, including one in 2016 at Harvard Medical University, have been done confirming that when gut flora is destroyed it can cause a variety of illnesses including leaky gut syndrome, IBS, diabetes, weight gain, and even contribute to certain types of cancer, etc.


Don't wait for a vaccine

Top Tips to Detox Your Body

Glycine has been shown to be a powerful detox aid to eliminate glyphosate from your system; Dr. Klinghardt recommends taking 1 teaspoon of glycine twice a day.

If you eliminate glyphosate from your food chain.

The Awakener asked me to add these

Google pictures of Pan, not to remind

you the planet in a pandemic,

but to say learn his SOUL BEACH meditation

as you remove ALL soya products

from your food chain.



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