I met this guy in May 1968.

He inspired me in colour, structure and meditation.

I personally think the whole planet is in desparate

need of his guidance in his particular form of

meditation - soul-beach.

Nearly 800,000 People Die by Suicide Globally Every Year

In calling suicide a “serious global public health issue,” WHO said the nearly 800,000 people who die by suicide annually is more than the number of people killed by malariabreast cancer, war or homicide.11

 Even among teenagers aged 15 to 19 years, suicide is the second leading cause of death after road injury.


Another example of the power of the 'air sign' of Aquarius

Fight depression by finding your beach, not by booking a holiday, go 'within.' over 11,000 hits


"RELIGION = Religare is a Latin word that means to bind together.

You are less likely to enter 'heaven' if you are BOUND to a pew or religion

of any kind. Simply because whoever is 'binding' you, has a power



"This picture by The Royal Academy Exhibitor, Ron Atkin

powerfully demonstrates what happens when people

who are bound to a religion remain TRAPPED in a sphere

often so like the earth they don't realise for a long time

that they are physically DEAD!"

"Equally as powerful (power in its best sense)

this shows without the constrictions of many religions

the soul before death can climb the white ladders

into the divine energy and become whole (or if you prefer holy) using

the SOUL BEACH to rest the bottom of their ladder on. "

The Awkener.

Perhaps you should shake your

water and add LOVE to it.

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Masaru Emoto, the founder and the author of world-wide best-sellers such as “Message from Water” (1999, HADO Kyoikusha, Co., Ltd.) and “Hidden Messages in ...

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