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In a M.R.I scan of the brain it is in this area or 'seat'
where emotions are registered - transmitted.

In Hebrew the word spirit (mach) is of a feminine gender. As a consequence of this the Holy Ghost was looked upon by the Naassenes and the early Christians as the 'mother' of Jesus. To be conscious then of our breathing means you are preparing a womb within your mind that will bring forth a son/ daughter/ creative form, thought, word or deed.
The next stage before take off is to direct the Holy Ghost or breathing to the right place. Breathe into your abdomen or solar plexus. This is where the creative form will be born. Referring back to chapter 24, when you are circulating your energy it would be a good idea to prepare the manger or matrix for whatever creative form you wish to bring forth, to make either planet earth or your own body, a healthier place to live on, and in. This you do by storing it in the solar plexus, and not returning it to its original source, you are as it were paying your dues or taxes (see Luke 2:5) for the use of this Genesistic garden.
We will pause for a moment and take a look at the Greeks who as you may remember lived under the Zodiac sign of Aries, as also did the Romans. Before Aries was the sign of Taurus the bull. This period was reflected in the New Kingdom period in Egypt by the worship of the sacred bull Apis. As each bull died, another was found to take its place.
The reason the Greeks had Zeus as their God was he resided on mount Olympus and Aries is at the top of the body, hence Zeus, their God lived on the top of a mountain. The name Zeus, in which the Sanskrit root dyaus and the Latin dies (the day) are found, evokes the idea of the luminous sky. Zeus then was the god of the sky and atmospheric phenomena. He lived in the ether the upper part of the air, and on mountaintops. He was literally the All-High. He was in control, - the will, either for a male or female. Zeus - the pineal gland and his first wife Metis (Wisdom) - pituitary gland. From this union the births of Greek (so called myths) are created. It is time now for you to create. However, do know what you are creating?
Zeus you notice first married wisdom, then Themis. She represented the Law, and gave birth to Eunomia (wise Legislation), Dike (Justice) and so on. All of Zeus's marriages refer to him marrying that aspect, like wisdom - he was in agreement, united with the idea of justice etc. This in due course brought about the birth of the Muses -on Mount
Olympus, in Aries - his head. As I have just explained it does not mean Zeus was hopping out of bed every few minutes but shows you how to be creative within your own inner scenery. Wisdom can then give birth to an order or structure. Wisdom prevents you from doing some foolish act, which gives birth to - Legislation or order, that automatically prevents you from even considering a foolish act. When he stayed with Mnemosyne she gave birth to nine daughters - the Muses. You could all do with a few more Muses, so your manger or womb is obviously going to be very active!
In the chapters we will talk about the all seeing eye:- These first 'divisions' did not have eyes, as you know them, but could see every-thing spiritually, as if their head was one eye, seeing forwards, backwards and sideways. To be more accurate it was an 'all knowing eye.' This is why you have the myth or memory of Cyclopes. (See illustration of a three-month-old human foetus).

Look at the size as an adult! Little wonder we find this in Matthew 18 - 3 "Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."

This reflects the size of the optic thalamus (now called the third eye) in an adult at the time of the Biblical fall, about 15,000 years ago. This originally was the 'FIRST EYE.' It may be of some interest to know that some people can experience seeing forwards, backwards and sideways, by doing certain breathing exercises and in so doing transcend physical time.
Science tells us if we put our body under an electron microscope, 99.999% of it would appear empty! A womb is empty until a form has been created.
Those few words are we believe the first real 'bridge' between the East and West. Perhaps the day in near when Buddha can say when a group of 21st century physicists have climbed up to his lofty sphere, "it's taken you long enough to get here" !

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