"This pineal body is the male spiritual organ. If you ask for proof as to its being a male organ, vou can find indubitable proof by referring to any good physiological chart or anatomy, for you will see that the lower portions of this organ has been given the names, "corpora quadrigemina," which means "four-fold bodies"-two nates (buttocks), and two testes (testicles). Thus we see, that in spite of our incredulity even the scoffing scientist has unwittingly demonstrated the truth of occult investigations, in respect to this body.
In esoteric as well as physiological meaning, this is Joseph, meaning to increase, the father of Jesus, the seed, the redeemer. it is the organ through which the electrical forces of the body play. It is, in other words, one of the differentiators of THAT- the universal' esse deposited, materialized, in. the cerebrum, the upper brain. In the Medieval Hebrew, as quoted from the Sacred Books of the East, it is referred to as "The Crystalline Dew" from heaven, deposited in the cranium. The marvelous symbology of our own Bible is duplicated in all the ancient Scriptures, in all the nations of the world. Some of this wonderful esse, this Father, flows down from the upper brain into the pineal body, where it is differentiated-becomes masculine, positive, electrical, in quality and action.
On the other side of the thalamus is located the pituitary body, the feminine spiritual organ. It is a small, reddish, ellipsoid organ in a depression of the sphenoid bone, and is attached to the brain by a peduncle. It has two lobes, one of yellowish-gray and the other reddish-gray- color. It secretes a mucous or phlegm, and the latter substance is what gives it its name. It also receives its secretion from the Father, the universal ESSE, and the undifferentiated substance from which all things are brought forth. Flowing into this gland it becomes magnetic, female, in its quality and action. It is the Mare, Mary, pure sea or water, the Mother of the Holy Child. The pineal gland is directly referred to in the Bible as Mount Penial, where Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord. In Hebrew the word means "Face of God." It is indeed the face of God. The top of this gland being the eye. Where can the eye be located save in the face?

Connected with the pineal gland is a nerve called the "pingala" in secret writings. This nerve crosses the spinal cord at the base of the skull, in the medulla oblongata, and follows down the right side of the spinal cord to its end.
Likewise, connected with the pituitary body, is the nerve Ida, which crosses the spinal cord at the same place where the Pingala crosses, follows down the left side of the spinal cord to its base. Here the two nerves converge into the body through the semi-luna ganglion, where they merge into the solar plexus.
The divine esse which has been differentiated by entering these two glands has become Mary and Joseph, the mother and father of the holy child. This material, this actual substance, enters the solar plexus where it combines with the Holy Breath and the seed is born-the bread is made which is intended to be eaten in the "Father's Kingdom."
The first seed is formed in the solar plexus of every individual, commencing at the age of twelve, which we have designated as the age of puberty. Thereafter, it is formed every 29½ days, this taking place in each individual at the time of the month when the moon is in the sign in which the sun was at the birth of the individual.
Herod, Pharaoh, the passions, desires and emotions, seek to slay this Divine Babe.
Here we will quote the Sanscrit statement in regard to the danger always present for the seed, child, fruit or fish, as given in Vol.11 of the Secret Doctrine, by H. P.Blavatsky:
"While Vaivasvata was engaged in devotion on the river bank, a FISH craves his protection from a bigger FISH. He saves it and places it in a jar (solar plexus) which, growing larger and larger, communicates to him the news of the forthcoming deluge. (Note gold fish in jar).
"Vaivasvata Manu, the Son of Surya, the Sun, and the Savior of our race, is connected with the seed of life, both physically and spiritually."
The significance of the above is apparent
In the Bible we find this statement: "Joseph shall have a double portion."
Joseph was one of the children of Jacob, which means circle" in Hebrew. His name was afterwards changed to Israel, so that the sons of Jacob are also the sons of Israel. The signs of the Zodiac are also referred to as the children of Jacob, and when applied in physiology, refer to the solar plexus, and the twelve forces centered there. All the forces which enter the body of man are received in this part of the body, and are sent out from there. Joseph represents one of these divisions or centers, and this is one of his portions. The other is the pineal gland, that also being Joseph.
Thus all the so-called tribes referred to as Gad, Rheuben, Levi, etc., etc., refer to the forces operative in the human body, and not to bodies of people.
We find, then, this seed, fruit, fish, bread and savior, born in the solar plexus.
We, must lift up, save, or raise this seed. "If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me."-John 12 :32.
It must be taken into the spinal cord or, in other words, be baptized of JOHN. It must be anointed with oil.
In the book of Joshua, we find the story of the Ark of the MOST HIGH GOD) being taken by the Priests of the Twelve Tribes into the Jordan, and again, in the New Testament we find the identical story in the baptism of Jesus of John (oil), in the Jordan. The Hebrews told their story, in the Old Testament, and the Greeks gave theirs in the New Testament."

With gratetude to Dr George W. Carey and Inez Eudora Perry.

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